21 October, 2010    Shanghai , 中国
Join us for a dynamic evening of talks and discussion, chaired by Geoff Dyer, China Bureau Chief, Financial Times, with Brazil Consul General, Marcos Caramuru de Paiva; Fernando Moreira, CEO & President, HSBC Insurance Brazil; Yuan Lie, VP South America for ZTE Corporation; and Charles Tang, President of the Brazil-China Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
China and Brazil: The Perfect Match?
Brazil is a world leader in agriculture, bio-fuels, oil and gas and the manufacturing and engineering sectors, an emerging business hub for Latin America, and an increasingly prominent player on the world stage. China, meanwhile, needs commodities and new business opportunities to fuel its expanding economy. As a result, commercial interest in Brazil has sky-rocketed, with China set to replace the US as Brazil's biggest investor in 2010.
Against the backdrop of sustained growth over the last few years that certainly could not have been predicted as little as a decade ago, Chinas interest in Brazil is likely to continue to soar  especially now that Brazil finds itself on the brink of a domestic infrastructure boom, after securing host nation status for both the World Cup (2014) and the Olympic Games (2016).
Our speakers - veteran investors in Brazil, Brazil 'champions' and industry leaders - will share their insights concerning the increasingly significant role of Brazil on the international stage and the positive shifts in the political and business landscape that are drawing Chinese investment to its shores.
Topics to be addressed will include:

-What are the most challenging issues currently facing Chinese commercial interests in Brazil?
-How is the outcome of the recent presidential elections likely to affect the business climate?
-What cultural issues should Chinese investors be aware of when investing in Brazil?
-How is Brazil responding


Location: Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund
联系 Shanghai , China