10 March, 2011    Newport Beach CA , США
Change is a constant. But the speed in which things are changing has business in trepidation and leadership in deeper levels of life contemplation than ever before. Change of this pace and scope requires leader execution that is attuned to the changing nature of Global business. Clients and consumers have become more sophisticated in their demands as well as their assessment of your personal and business brand. Milestones in Leadership will help you discover new ways to relate to change, make your brand more relevant, and bring new meaning into the work-life balance.

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Location: Balboa Bay Club & Resort
The Most Distinguished Choice Of Newport Beach Hotels … At The Balboa Bay Club & Resort, an illustrious past combines with inviting waterfront surroundings to provide a rich coastal paradise on..
Обратная связь 1221 West Coast Highway , CA 92663 Newport Beach , USA

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