17 June, 2010    Торонто , Канада
Property and casualty insurance is an incredibly fluid area of law that insurance professionals must work hard to keep on top of. We’ve made staying up to date easy for you! The Canadian Institute’s information-packed proceedings from the 9th Annual Advanced Forum on INSURANCE COVERAGE DISPUTES is your one-stop-shop to get all the updates, insights on latest developments and expert strategies from our seasoned faculty.

Whether your practice focuses on commercial claims, property claims or executive and professional risk management, this program will provide you with the latest information you need to advance your knowledge base and represent your organization or clients effectively.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to obtain timely advice and top techniques that you can employ at once. This title brings together the most respected and knowledgeable representatives of the insurance industry and the top lawyers who oppose and advise them – to share their extensive expertise on the matters that are most important to you, including:

-Interpreting current coverages and exclusions in the CGL policy
-Identifying and protecting against new areas of exposure for directors & officers
-Understanding how defence costs are allocated in Canada
-Demystifying the difference between "additional insured" versus "additional names insured"
-Analyzing recent duty to defend case law and better understanding when insurers have an obligation to respond or defend
-Learning about the actual coverage provided by fidelity bonds
-Whether the law has settled on the payment of tax-gross ups on subrogated claims
-And much more!

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