June 11 - 14, 2009    Bad Kissingen , Германия
'ABENTEUER-ALLRAD” offers all about the latest innovations in all-wheel drive, outdoor activities and travelling

”The variety outdoor experience' reads the slogan under which the 'ABENTEUER-ALLRAD” presents itself in its seventh edition. The most important cross-country fair of the past few years is now for the first time also the largest of its kind in completely Europe. Owing to continous and with the utmost care structure work of the Pro-Log GmbH around fair-supervisor Gottfried Krassa it is the 'ABENTEUER-ALLRAD” which supplies standards in news, current and long-proven from the offroad and all-wheel-scene year by year.

From jeeps, which make journeys possible in off fastened runways up to over-all-wheel travel-mobiles, transportation-trailers and quad motorcycle-drivers. From 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8-trucks up to rallye-organizers, jeep-clubs and outdoor-clothing-specialists. From spare parts and accessories up to rallye-camp and trial-show.
In the meanwhile there is nothing that does not exist it at the 'ABENTEUER-ALLRAD”.

Место проведения

Location: Offroad-Gelände, Reiterswiesen
Обратная связь Bad Kissingen , Germany

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