CIFIT 2009
Details September 8 - 11, 2009
Xiamen, China
Details March 18 - 21, 2010
Shanghai, China
Dalian Real Estate Fair
Details July 16 - 19, 2010
Dalian, China
Annual Process Industry Engineering & Maintenance Congress
The theme:Leveraging new technology to deploy technic and process optimization so as to achieve sustainable developmentThe 5th Annual Process Industry..
Details September 14 - 15, 2010
Shanghai, China
Risk Management APAC
Given the overwhelming success of this year's 3rd Annual Middle East Risk Management Forum in Bahrain, Fleming Gulf is delighted to host “Risk..
Details July 19 - 21, 2010
Cash, Treasury and Risk Management in Canada
A new event for treasury professionals in the corporate, commercial and government sectors in Canada, from the world leader in cash, treasury and risk..
Details September 13 - 14, 2010
Index & ETF Investment Asia
The 4th annual Indexing & ETF Investments conference being the most established event of its kind in the region is where leading index providers, ETF..
Details September 28 - 29, 2010
2nd IEEE International Conference on Information and Financial Engineering (ICIFE)
2010 2nd IEEE International Conference on Information and Financial Engineering (IEEE ICIFE 2010) will be held in Chongqing, China during September 17..
Details September 17 - 19, 2010
Zhejiang, China
Financial Modeling & Analysis Workshop - Ottawa
Financial Modeling and Analysis teaches students how to conceive of and build a financial model from beginning-to-end, followed by due diligence. This..
Details September 21 - 22, 2010
OPEX Dubai
With series of successful operational excellence events, Fleming Gulf Conferences is back with the SIXTH Edition of the annually successful conference..
Details October 11 - 12, 2010
Accounting for Deferred Taxation
FRS 12 ‘Income Taxes’ continues to be a difficult and sometimes confusing standard to understand and implement. CCH is pleased to present a..
Details 16 September, 2010
Advance Consolidated Accounting
CCH Executive Events presents a one-day "hands-on" seminar to take your current understanding of consolidated accounting to the next level through..
Details 13 October, 2010
Issues That Trigger Tax Audit and Investigations
Tax audit and investigations can be one of the most frightening situations a business can face. More often than not, it will result in additional..
Details 13 October, 2010
Annual Middle East & Africa Airfinance Conference
Now considered to be the must-attend event for aircraft finance professionals active or interested in doing business in the Middle East and Africa,..
Details September 20 - 21, 2010
Mobile Payment China
Focusing on the innovations and applications, Mobile Payment China 2010 will highlight the trends and roadmaps of mobile payment in China, the..
Details November 14 - 15, 2010
Shanghai, China
China IPO Annual Summit
China IPO Summit achieved great success from 2007 to 2008, attracting many famous market players to attend which included China Securities Regulatory..
Details October 27 - 29, 2010
Shanghai, China
China Banking Risk Management International Summit
China Banking Regulatory Commission in its annual report mentioned: "2010 China's macro view of the environment Ming Xian Jingji good Yu in 2009,..
Details October 26 - 27, 2010
Shanghai, China
Asset Management Turkey Summit
The Asset Management Turkey Summit will focus on the evolving investment trends and asset allocation strategies as well as the growth of Turkey’s..
Details November 1 - 4, 2010
Workshop on High Performance Computational Finance at SC10 (WHPCF)
The purpose of this workshop is to bring together practitioners, researchers, vendors, and scholars from the complementary fields of computational..
Details 14 November, 2010
Annual Operational Risk Management
The 2nd Annual Operational Risk Management 2010 is a platform to confer the diverse approaches to operational risk management with experts and learn..
Details November 2 - 3, 2010
Connecting the Next Billion
Despite impressive global mobile and internet subscriber growth, around half the World’s population still remains unconnected. The reasons for this..
Details November 2 - 4, 2010
Disclosure Requirements in Financial Statements
CCH Executive Events presents a one-day workshop to provide a comprehensive overview of the latest disclosure requirements (effective 1 January 2010)..
Details 22 October, 2010
Financial Reporting Standards (FRS)
Attend this seminar to reinforce your understanding of the changes arising from the new and revised Financial Reporting Standards (FRS) issued by..
Details October 19 - 20, 2010
Treasury, Risk and Cash Management in Southern Africa
The outlook for southern Africa’s trade with the rest of the world is good, now that Africa has quit the recession – far faster than many western..
Details November 15 - 16, 2010
Cash, Treasury and Risk Management in China
Details November 10 - 11, 2010
Pudong, China
China Global Debt Capital Markets Congress
The inaugural Euromoney China Global Debt Capital Markets Congress will be the first internationally significant meeting of all the main players and..
Details November 16 - 17, 2010
Beijing, China
Financial Times Women at the Top Conference & Dinner
The inaugural Financial Times Women at the Top Conference and Dinner is timed to coincide with the announcement and publication of the FT 2010 Top 50..
Details 16 November, 2010
Annual Wealth Management & Private Banking Asia
China leads the world economy into a powerful recovery age in post financial crisis era and the world economy is stepping out of the shadow gradually...
Details November 18 - 19, 2010
Shanghai, China
China Wealth Management and Private Banking Forum
The China Wealth Management and Private Banking Forum 2010 will focus on the key issues and opportunities for wealth management and private banking in..
Details 22 October, 2010
Shanghai, China
Shanghai Spring Real Estate Trade Fair in Shanghai real estate sector, the famous show. Is the "development of real estate to meet the needs of the..
Details March 17 - 20, 2011
Shanghai, China
TradeTech USA
Launched in 2001, TradeTech is the most recognized conference for equity traders and the largest buy side gathering. It is the highest quality..
Details February 28 - March 2, 2011
Money Fair International Exposition
For the first time, the Money Fair International Exposition is actively seeking North American sponsors and exhibitors. As the Money Fair enters its..
Details November 19 - 21, 2010
Shanghai, China
7th Annual Private Banking Asia
Private Banking Asia 2011 is the Asia's only dedicated private banking event. It is a two day strategic conference and a post-event masterclass. The..
Details March 14 - 16, 2011
World Exchange Congress
Now in its 6th year, World Exchange Congress 2011 remains the industry’s leading strategy and innovation congress for the global exchange industry.
Details March 21 - 24, 2011
Gerenciamento Internacional de Tesouraria para Empresas no Brasil
The Brazil international has emerged from the crisis stronger than ever, fueled by investment and domestic demand pulse. The country has solidified..
Details November 23 - 24, 2010
Treasury, Risk and Cash Management in Southern Africa
The outlook for southern Africa’s trade with the rest of the world is good, now that Africa has quit the recession – far faster than many western..
Details November 22 - 23, 2010
Risk Management, Compliance and the Balanced Scorecard
In the wake of the credit crunch, understanding the acceptable level of risk that your organisation will take to achieve its organisational..
Details November 23 - 24, 2010
Shipping Finance Service Summit
268 attendees, 28 dedicated speakers, Bolster of Government’s Support and Positive Comments from most participants made “Shipping Finance Service..
Details November 30 - December 2, 2010
IQPC Banking Technology Summit
Investing in technology in changing timesIT spending in Egypt is projected to reach USD 1.9 billion by 2013 (an increase from USD 1.2 billion spent in..
Details March 6 - 9, 2011
RMB World Congress
RMB World Congress 2011 is the ONLY strategic conference to bring together investors, managers and providers to examine new opportunities presented..
Details April 11 - 13, 2011
CFO Show Asia
The CFO Show Asia 2011 is a two day strategic conference that brings together chief financial leaders, key stakeholders and professional service..
Details April 12 - 14, 2011
ETFs China
Successfully held the biggest ETF conference in Hong Kong, WBR is delighted to deliver ETFs China 2011.This is the only ETF conference that aimed to..
Details 3 March, 2011
Shanghai, China
Super Rise of IPO
2nd Mar 2011 Shanghai,For the past three years , the global financial have been hit by the crisis. Signs of recovery are seen in various quarters,..
Details 2 March, 2011
AVCJ Private Equity & Venture Forum
China: World's largest PE market by 2020?Building on over 20 years of excellence as the leading private equity publication dedicated to the industry..
Details March 2 - 4, 2011
Art of Indexing & ETF Investment Europe Summit
Following the success of the Frankfurt event in 2010, Structured Products magazine is pleased to be bringing The Art of Indexing and ETF Investment..
Details 23 March, 2011
Tokyo Financial Information Summit
Inside Market Data and Inside Reference Data are delighted to host the second Tokyo Financial Information Summit, providing a platform where..
Details 13 April, 2011
Project Finance Advanced Modeling - Trinidad & Tobago
Advanced Project Finance Modeling is a master level course and focuses uniquely on project finance and its related modeling issues. After reviewing..
Details December 9 - 10, 2010
Financial Modeling and Analysis - Trinidad & Tobago
Financial Modeling and Analysis teaches students how to conceive of and build a financial model from beginning-to-end, followed by due diligence...
Details December 7 - 8, 2010
Defense Finance
Developed in 2005, the Defense Finance Training Conference focuses on identifying best practices and proven strategies for transforming Defense..
Details 1 March, 2011
Combating Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing & Financial Crimes Master Class
Financial crime has developed into an ever-expanding remit for all in financial services. International sanctions, bribery and corruption, and..
Details March 13 - 15, 2011
Certified Basel III Professional (CB III Pro)
The seminar has been designed to provide knowledge and skills needed to understand the new Basel III framework and to work in Basel III..
Details March 28 - 30, 2011
Annual CEE Credit Risk Management
The 7th Annual CEE Credit Risk Management will focus on new practices in credit risk management to help credit risk professionals effectively manage..
Details April 5 - 6, 2011
Counterparty & Credit Risk Management
Cutting-Edge Highlights: The course is designed to combine theoretical and global best practices. It will explore Counterparty & Credit Risk..
Details May 1 - 3, 2011
APAC Alternative Investments Summit
The leading producers of global Investment Summits, marcus evans would like to invite you to the APAC Alternative Investments Summit 2011 where..
Details October 31 - February 2, 2011
Macau, China