December 17 - 18, 2011    Genoa , Italy
Amateur radio equipment and components, which have always been the very “heart” of MARC, are now joined by IT equipment, telephones, security appliances, accessories, and trade press. For those who love modern antiques, this Show has interesting surprises in store, including unique period items: from the fist valve radios to the first transistors, from crank radios to bakelite radios, from early portable TV sets to the first tape recorders. A large section is also in place for DIY enthusiasts, with spare parts, bargain appliances to repair and accessories for special applications.


Location: Fiera di Genova
Fiera di Genova fairground extends over an area very close to the city centre and directly overlooking the sea, from which it was reclaimed in the early 1960s through far-reaching filling works. The..
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