13 February, 2013

The next TradeTech conference will be focused on otc derivatives clearing...Swaps and Derivatives is the definitive industry conference for all those involved in trading and OTC derivatives clearing products and ETD swaps. Bringing together front and back office from investors, fund managers and inter dealer brokers, with execution venues, clearing house, platform hosts and technology firms, this event is the only conference of its kind to focus on the practical impact of new trading regulations, such as MIFID II, on market structure, trading and clearing techniques.


Attendees are people are responsible for executing trades and managing the trading process in their bank, asset management company, hedge fund, exchange, as well as solution providers who offer solutions to improve the trading process.


Sorry, this event is quite new so we couldn't find any venue information.
Please check again in the near future.


Worldwide Business Research - London
129 Wilton Road London, SW1V 1JZ
+44 (0)207 368 9400

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