June 29 - 30, 2011    London , Reino Unido
As the issue of decommissioning reaches the peak of the nuclear agenda, this conference offers in-depth knowledge on the latest advances, including:

-Global case studies never heard before including the dismantling of Zion Power Plant, USA and the Jose Cabrera Power Plant, Spain

-Understanding the lessons learned from decommissioning projects – hear from Magnox and Areva NP

-A panel discussion on the funding mechanisms for decommissioning projects

-Analysing the case for the reuse and redevelopment of decommissioned sites

-How to ensure clarity in decommissioning contracts to help avoid disputes

This event has established itself as a leading forum for discussing the key developments in the field of nuclear decommissioning. Download the Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities event agenda to see what else is new for the 2011 conference.

Through regulatory and policy updates and global case studies on the most current global decommissioning projects, learn about the present challenges and future opportunities for your organisation through unparalleled networking opportunities within the nuclear decommissioning industry.


Location: Hilton London Paddington Hotel
Contact 146 Praed Street, W2 1EE, UK Twickenham , United Kingdom

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