September 3 - 6, 2010    Tokyo , Hong Kong
Eco Expo Asia - A one-stop destination for all involved in the environmental protection industry
Governments from developed and developing countries are actively identifying measures to address climate change. Numerous business opportunities consequently exist on every level from the effective management of air quality to ensuring the sustainable development of renewable energy resources. As the foremost business platform in the region, Eco Expo Asia allows you to penetrate the dynamic environmental markets of the Chinese mainland, South East Asia and beyond.The 2010 edition of Eco Expo Asia will be held from 3 - 6 November to coincide with the city's hosting of a C40 Conference on two key aspects of the climate change solutions : building energy efficiency and electric vehicles. 

The Conference will bring together government officials and environmental experts from over 40 cities including commercial and non- governmental sectors to share their insight of the climate change solutions.
In response to the worldwide agenda on climate change, the theme of the fair will be "Business Solutions to Climate Change" which also demonstrates the role of Hong Kong as an international marketplace for innovative environmental technologies. To meet with the region's environmental needs, special focus will be placed on green building and electric vehicles in addition to the main exhibit profile of air quality, energy efficiency & energy, waste management & recycling and eco-friendly product.


Location: Hong Kong
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