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Airport City

Israel's Business Capital P.O.Box 66, Ben-Gurion Airport 70151 NO CITY , Israel
Tel: 03-9734443
“Avenue”’s Events Center
is a perfect solution for large events (such as weddings and other happy family occasions) for anything between 350 to 3,000 visitors. It can be divided into 4 modular acoustic halls and includes a reception lobby with decorated sitting areas.

Past Events

HLS - Israel's leading annual event for Homeland Security
The HLS Conference focuses on electronic systems constituting the basis for HLS solutions. The Conference will present development trends in the..
Details 30 April, 2013
HLS - Israel's leading annual event for Homeland Security
Background: The term Homeland Security was "born" after the 9-11 attacks. It was decided, following the inability to prevent and handle complex..
Details 11 September, 2012
Missile Defense (BMD) Conference and Exhibition
The success of the first and second BMD Conference brought the decision to hold the Conference in 2012. Israel, in particular, faces an..
Details 28 June, 2012