April 24 - 25, 2012    Франкфурт-на-Майне , Германия
More dialogue, consultation and know-how!

It is certain, the new date for the e-Expo 2012: on 24 and 25 April 2012 there will be the forum for specialized professional online marketing. And for the first time the fair offers exhibitors and visitors in Frankfurt two days for more dialogue, consultation and more know-how.

Whether Google's Panda Cloud, Real-Time Bidding, behavioral targeting or Gamification: behind many marketing trends conceal increasingly complex algorithms, for the "rounder", the answer is usually in company communications are to see through any more. This seems the pace in which you must adapt to the changes the marketing manager to rise steadily.

As a result, demand expert knowledge, practice and individual counseling by experienced providers and users are around e-mailing, SEO / SEM and usability than ever. Then, the Messe Frankfurt reacts with the extension of e-Expo, Search-and UX-Expo Expo for two days. On 24 and 25 April 2012, visitors can expect in the three specialized forums even more answers and tips from professional partners.

The trend to link e-mail with Mobile Marketing, Social Media, dialogue-oriented elements, games and moving pictures can not be stopped. Thus, the success of well-made occupies campaigns though, that traditional e-mailings are still unbeatable, but only exploiting the creative possibilities of new makes them truly trendsetting.

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Location: Messe Frankfurt
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