March 24 - 26, 2010    Пекин , Китай
BIT Life Sciences 1st Annual World Congress of Vaccine is best known as the largest meeting devoted exclusively to the research on vaccines and associated with technologies for disease prevention and treatment in China. Through a series of impassioned and interesting symposiums, expositions, and poster demonstration, they shared and discussed their valuable and creative ideas, came to the agreement to be the scientific partners and business collaborators, and got the research funding and job opportunities.

Focusing, then, on the latest scientific updates and breakthrough in the vaccine development, WCV-2010 is designed to cover almost all areas in frontier of Vaccinology, new technology innovations, vaccine R &D or discovery, regulatory, public health, safety and ethic issues, clinical practices, finance and business development, vaccine manufacturers and Procurement, equipment sellers and buyers, service and consulting providers, enabled technology and ready-to-go product licensing. The congress aims to advance a brainstorm and to promote the updates on today and next generation human and veterinary vaccines.

Место проведения

Location: Vision Hotel
Обратная связь Beijing , China

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