November 6 - 9, 2012     , Азербайджан
Throughout the years of its existence, the BakuTel exhibition has attracted the attention of specialists, experts and field professionals from many countries as a platform for demonstration of all the achievements in the field of telecommunications and information technologies, for presentation of the most incredible ideas and projects, and for discussions, negotiations and establishment of business relations which lay the foundation for new successes.

Trade exhibitions represent great opportunities for professionals, sector specialists and private individuals too, opening a world of new technology, ideas and, finally, a stream of new information for a new generation. They provide the opportunity to find out about goods or services, to meet their producers or providers face to face. Here you can see products in action and ask exhibitors a multiplicity of questions about their products. They will not only share with you their experience but may become your useful partners and colleagues.

Место проведения

Location: Baku Expo Centre
Обратная связь H.Aliyev ave., Surakhany district, , Azerbaijan Baku , Azerbaijan

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