October 9 - 10, 2017    アムステルダム , オランダ
The world in which the dredging industry operates, is changing. Climate change, global trade developments and shifts in the world’s energy mix are but a few factors with significant impact. But where will the effects of climate change be felt most? And what public funds are available to pay for solutions that can protect vulnerable regions? We are also witnessing changes in client demands and with these in the role of dredging contractors. What business strategies do we see emerging and ultimately – what makes the dredging industry future proof? MONDAY 9 OCTOBER – AFTERNOON Keynotes session: Which current trends are your best friends? Our opening session will provide topical and fresh insights on the global picture for dredging, covering the main drivers for dredging: 1) expected developments in world trade, 2) urban development near coastlines, 3) coastal protection, 4) offshore energy and 5) tourism and leisure. During this session attendees are actively engaged in a discussion on global trends, probing which trends are seen as the audience’s best friends for business opportunities in dredging. Thematical session: Climate change and its impact on dredging. This session zooms in on an overarching development: climate change. In particular this session will discuss what this means for the dredging community and how this drives demand for dredging solutions. TUESDAY 10 OCTOBER – MORNING Thematical session: Solutions and funding for climate change adaptation. This session addresses how the dredging community and dredging industry can respond to climate change. Closing session: How are you making your business resilient? Discussion on how the dredging industry is preparing for the future: how are companies anticipating climate change and its effects; how are companies working on project integration and collaborating in a more holistic way. This session will offer inspiration to delegates on the future of dredging


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