April 4 - 7, 2013    ジャカルタ , インドネシア
"IndoGreen Forestry Expo" is the largest forestry exhibition which was held in Indonesia since 2009, showing the huge potential in the forestry sector, the management, utilization and conservation of forests, forest timber and non-timber products, dairy products and forest utilization equipment. The exhibition is also socialized programs and measures by the government and the private sector in implementing sustainable forest development and forest reclamation and evenly including mined lands.
"5thIndoGreen Forestry Expo 2013" held in support of the government program "Sustainable Growth with Equity in Forestry Sector Toward 2020" and supports efforts to realize the concept of a Green Lifestyle Towards Green Indonesia (Green Living Concept Towards Green Indonesia). To that end, during the exhibition will display products and services that are environmentally friendly living forest and a variety of exciting activities that are important to follow as talk shows and presentations are expected to bring the idea / ideas that are needed to make Indonesia a green.

The exhibition is targeted to be visited by 20,000 people, include:
1. Representatives of friendly countries
2. Government officials from various departments / agencies related
3. Forestry sector employers
4. Employers and rattan furniture
5. Professional and corporate executives
6. academics
7. Environmental activist
8. public


Location: Jakarta Convention Center
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連絡先 Jl. Jend,Gatot Subroto, 10270 P.O. Box 4916 Jakarta , Indonesia
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Indogreen Forestry Expo April 4 - 7, 2013
Indogreen Forestry Expo April 5 - 8, 2012