February 26 - March 1, 2013    Singapore , シンガポール
Procurement Conference in Singapore for Procurement Leaders: Covering migration from operational to strategic procurement through vendor management, business process outsourcing and supplier Management

Join over 150+ global and regional procurement leaders to optimise your procurement process and migrate from operational to strategic procurement

Wayne Hutchinson,Ramsay Chu,Ashley Readshaw,Donna Trowbridge,Bhavesh Shah,Gary A. Miller,Balakrishnan Iyer,Stephenie De Cruz and many more.

ProcureCon Asia, the Asia Pacific region’s largest and most in-depth procurement event brings together leading CPOs and regional heads of procurement under one roof to discuss the essential migration from operational to strategic procurement in Asia. Through benchmarking best practice procedures and hearing best in class case studies ProcureCon Asia will equip you with all you need to really maximise your procurement offering.
You can expect a speaker faculty of 60+ CPOs and Heads of Procurement from the world’s leading companies, each of whom will share critical insights and best practices.

Key topics for 2013
• Redesigning your sourcing strategy and revolutionising your supplier relationships to promote innovation
• Enforcing supplier compliance and due diligence to ensure that your partners’ actions not only represent but contribute towards the strength of your brand and share price
• New sourcing strategies: which markets are fit for purpose, what infrastructure developments are needed and how your China strategy needs to change as a result.
• Best practice recruitment, retention and retraining to ensure your team get how you are trying to revolutionise your procurement offering
• Ensuring stakeholder buy in - best in class strategies for communicating the benefits of strategic procurement company wide


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