April 5 - 8, 2012    ジャカルタ , インドネシア
IndoGreen Forestry Expo is the biggest exhibitions have been established in Indonesia since 2009. The exhibition offers the opportunity and potency in the sector of forestry, forestry tool/machinery, timber, forest products and its processed product, utilization and conservation of forest. This exhibition also has socialize the program and real accomplishment of Government and private companies in establishing the continuously forest development including the forest reclamation and quarry.

Indogreen Forestry Expo 2011 was held successfully with 130 exhibition participants covering Ministry, Regional Government, Forestry Companies, Mining Companies, and Non Governmental Organization that has a strong apprehension on forest utilization and conservation. Total visitor at 2011 was 10,000 people comprising Government officials, Entrepreneur, College Student, Environment Activist, Student and General Public.

This year, IndoGreen Forestry Expo will be held to support the realization of Government's Program: “Forest Pro Poor, Pro Job, Pro Growth and Pro Environment” and also support of “Green Growth Economy Toward 2020”. In accordance with it, this exhibition will showcase environmental-friendly product and service of forest, and also perform important yet attractive activities such as talk show and presentation due to generate fresh and bright ideas needed to establish the Green Indonesia.


Location: Jakarta Convention Center
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Indogreen Forestry Expo April 4 - 7, 2013
Indogreen Forestry Expo April 5 - 8, 2012