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New China International Exhibition Center

No. 88 Yuxiang Rd., Tianzhu, Shunyi Dist., , China Beijing , China
Tel: +86-10-66418385 / 66418225 / 66411727
The New China International Exhibition Center is established within publicly built business area in the south of Tianzhu Konggang in Shunyi. It is located in the west of Jingshun road, the east of Yufeng road, the south of Anhua street and the north of Fuqian street, occupying a total area of about 155.5 hectares. The total floor space of the first phase of the project is 431,000 square meters. The exhibition hall, auxiliary facilities and supporting facilities are built in this phase.

Our company is responsible for compiling detailed control plans, getting the project approved at Beijing Reform and Development Commission, examining the feasibility studies, conducting transportation impact and environmental impact evaluations, reporting planning opinion, proposal review opinion, receive the detailed reply concerning the construction and applying for project planning license, land use planning license and handling operation certificate and other early stage consultation affairs.

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