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New Munich Trade Fair Centre

Messegelnde 81823 Mnchen Munich , Germany
Tel: (+49 89) 9 49-2 07 20
Being one of the most modern trade fair centers in the world, the New Munich Trade Fair Centre sets the standard for functionality, service and opportunities for communication.

Partial air-conditioning in the halls and enclosed entrances ensure that all facilities are both functional and comfortable regardless of the season or weather. Exhibitors throughout the grounds are supplied with electricity, water and compressed air through a functional system of floor/ground conduits.

The most modern information technology for transmitting data, voice and images as well as WLAN technology are standard in all halls. Naturally, innovative communications technology ensures optimum, high-speed connections between market partners at all times.

* 17 extremely modern exhibition halls, 16 of which are column-free and offer vehicle access during setup and dismantling

* 180,000 m² of exhibition space in the halls

* 360,000 m² outdoor exhibition space

* State-of-the-art technical infrastructure

* All exhibition areas of uniform quality

* Simple orientation for visitors

* Efficient transportation links for visitors and fair-going traffic

* Ultramodern presentation and communications technology

* Highly flexible facilities

* Architecture that meets human needs

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