November 16 - 19, 2016    Nanjing , Cina
ICM-2016 is a satellite meeting in the 14th Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science & Technology - 2016 (IDDST-2016), which is invited to be a joint event with the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the founding of China Pharmaceutical University, located in Nanjing, China. The celebration event is mainly made up by 9 chapters:

Chapter 1: Plenary Forum of IDDST- 2016
Chapter 2: Frontier Forum of Drug Discovery in Bio-pharmaceutical
Chapter 3: Best Practice of China’s Essential Drug Research and Development
Chapter 4: Satellite International Meetings in Drug Discovery for Celebration of the 80th Anniversary
Chapter 5: Hot Paper Forum and “B&R” Young Scientists Forum
Chapter 6: Li Shizhen Award Party
Chapter 7: Showcase on the New Technologies and Products of Drug Discovery
Chapter 8: Business Development,Talent Exchange,Social & Cultural Activities
Chapter 9: Pre& Post-Symposium on International Cooperation


Location: Nanjing International Youth Conference Hotel
Contatta No.6 Yecheng Road, , China Nanjing , China


BIT Congress Inc.
East Wing, 11F, Dalian Ascendas IT Park, No. 1 Hui Xian Yuan, Dalian Hi-tech Industrial Zone, LN 116025, P.R.China