1 December, 2014    Londra , Regno Unito
In an age where processing power and storage capacity are no longer barriers to data analysis, it is easier to acquire and store data than to make sense of it. Within our companies, there are often times we...do not know what we know, with silos of information residing in different business functions; unseen and under-utilised. In this session, Paul Grant will explore techniques for realising the potential of big data, and demonstrate how historical and ongoing analysis of joined up data sets can provide actionable insights to inform commercial strategies and decision-making.
If you are a brand manager seeking to do more with the insights and analytics available to you, and wish to inform your strategy development with evidence – then you should attend this seminar.

Key Benefits of Attending:
. Find and exploit data within your organization
. Recognize the exponential growth of healthcare professionals using public social media and what that means for your brand
. Interpret and use a social network analysis (SNA) diagram.
. Develop triggers and intelligence events to keep you aware of changes in your brands perception
. Adapt medical information and communication strategies to respond to the impact of social media amongst healthcare professional communities

About the Master class Leader:
Paul Grant - CIO, Creation Healthcare
Paul provides strategic insights and consultancy to the worlds leading pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations, helping them find appropriate pathways to engagement within regulatory frameworks.
As Chief Innovation Officer, he also drives innovation in specialist data research techniques and analytics technologies including Creation Pinpoint, the world's most comprehensive service for studying the conversations of healthcare professionals in public social media.


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