May 29 - 30, 2014    San Jose , Costa Rica
General Purpose
Present alternative energy and sustainable buildings for the purpose of analyzing and evaluating the application of materials and technologies in the country and thus strengthen national capacities , supporting institutional framework and human capital.

major Themes
- Global trends to promote 3It Sustainable Buildings and Energy Efficient .
- Legal framework in Costa Rica for the promotion and development of 3It .
- Energy efficiency and sustainability in old and new buildings.
- The architecture and engineering as a basis for the design of sustainable buildings.
- Research and development of construction systems used in 3It .
- Integration of energy processes in a sustainable building .
- Comparison of energy efficiency of a conventional building and an energy efficient and sustainable .
- Analysis of the industrialization of the market and commercial viability.
- Communication and social awareness .
- Standardization and certification of 3It .
- Innovation as an impetus for the development of 3It .
- Success Stories ( Holcim - Condominium Los Olivos ; Schneider - Smart Grid , Holcim & ICCYC - Calculator for carbon footprint ) .
- ASODESO - UACA , " Country Project Launch in Sustainable Development."

Architect Dr. Sergio Vega, Spain .
Architect Edwin Rodriguez, Spain .
Mr. Jesús Soto, Spain
Psychologist Rachel Trilla, Spain
Jorge Ramirez, Colombia
Mr. Eric Campos, Costa Rica
Licda. María Fernanda Esquivel, Costa Rica
Architect Álvaro Castro Bolaños , Costa Rica
Mr. José Guillermo Vargas Malavassi , Costa Rica


Location: Barcelo Palacio Hotel
Contatta Autopista General Cañas, San José, Costa Rica San Jose , Costa Rica
+506 2220 2034