April 12 - 15, 2011    Kiev , Ucraina

Visitatori: 10000
Approximately 10 000 visitors specialists from all over Ukraine

36% of visitors are from regions

Representatives from various industries, mostly machine-building, metallurgy, the oil and gas industry, the power industry, and instrument-making:
chief engineers, power engineers, and technical and commercial directors;
directors and specialists from departments dealing with process control systems, product assembly, and control and measurement instrumentation and automation;
Representatives from design and engineering organizations.
Representatives from technical higher educational institutions.

Opening Hours:
from 10.00am to 6:00pm,


Location: Kiev Expo Plaza Exhibition Center
The main activity directions - organization and holding international and national specialized exhibitions, business meetings, companies presentations, conferences and seminars, advertising campaigns,..
Contatta st. Salyutna, 2-B, Kyiv 04111, Ukraine Kiev , Ukraine