详细信息 January 17 - 20, 2009
Nice, 法国
CHA Winter - Annual Craft and Hobby Convention and Trade Show
详细信息 January 25 - 28, 2009
新奥尔良 LA, 美国
REGALO - International Gift Exhibition
This year autumn-winter edition of Regalo was cancelled. Normal 0 false false false EN-US ..
详细信息 September 10 - 12, 2009
索菲亚 TX, 保加利亚
FIA LISBOA - International Handicraft Exhibition
详细信息 June 27 - July 5, 2009
里斯本, 葡萄牙
Reed Gift Fairs is the largest and most successful trade fair brand in Australia, attracting the highest visitation of quality buyers across the..
详细信息 July 4 - 7, 2009
Brisbane QLD, 澳大利亚
Panhellenic General Fair
详细信息 October 1 - 4, 2009
Iraklion, 希腊
AF - l'Artigiano in Fiera - International Craft Selling Exhibition
Artigiano in Fiera revives the tradition and culture of craftsmanship from all over the world. Protagonists of the show are the quality and beauty..
详细信息 December 5 - 13, 2009
米兰, 意大利
Arti & Mestieri Expo - Handicraft, Wine and Gastronomy Exhibition
This Handicraft, Wine and Gastronomy exhibition, organized by Fiera Roma with the sponsorship of the most important regional agencies, hopes to reach..
详细信息 December 17 - 20, 2009
罗马, 意大利
详细信息 November 13 - 16, 2009
米兰, 意大利
详细信息 October 22 - 25, 2009
Vicenza, 意大利
详细信息 December 11 - 13, 2009
Lille, 法国
Kalter Markt Ellwangen - Regional Consumer Goods Exhibition
The traditional horse market (also known as cold market) takes place in Ellwangen (Jagst) held since the year 1353rd For horse lovers it is a must. On..
详细信息 January 9 - 13, 2010
Sainte-Adresse, 法国
The renowned architecture prize for innovative spatial concepts, the contractworld. award, will become even more attractive. Numerous exciting project..
详细信息 January 16 - 19, 2010
Hannover, 德国
Emporium, every January, is the most important Italian exchange market. It signals the opening of the European antiques season: intense contacts,..
详细信息 January 16 - 17, 2010
Parma, 意大利
Tendences Creativas- Bilbao
详细信息 January 29 - 31, 2010
Bilbao, 西班牙
详细信息 January 16 - 18, 2010
Nice, 法国
Creative Stitches & Hobbycrafts
The majority of attendees are independent retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, mail order companies and agents. Opening..
详细信息 February 5 - 7, 2010
Brighton, 英国
Abilmente – Autumnal Edition is: * New courses and demonstrations In this edition it will be possible to attend many courses and..
详细信息 15 February, 2010
Vicenza, 意大利
CraftExpo is Australia’s newest and most exciting craft event, organised and managed by Expertise Events. With more than 15 years experience..
详细信息 February 19 - 21, 2010
Broadmeadow, 澳大利亚
Fresh, new, fun and inspirational... come and enjoy a celebration of craft! At the Craftfest events you can: BUY craft supplies to 'make-it-yourself'..
详细信息 February 19 - 21, 2010
Broadmeadow, 澳大利亚
详细信息 February 5 - 7, 2010
Sainte-Adresse, 法国
Handwerkerausstellung - Regional Craft Exhibition
详细信息 January 30 - 31, 2010
Cottbus, 德国
CHA Winter - Annual Craft and Hobby Convention and Trade Show
CHA and Par Avion, the official travel provider of CHA trade shows, have arranged travel and lodging discounts for the 2010 CHA Winter Convention..
详细信息 January 24 - 27, 2010
阿纳海姆 CA, 美国
Syfestival - Sewing, Knitting, Weaving and Needlework Exhibition
From the spring of 2010, Syfestivalen be held at Stockholm International Fairs. Current date is 19-21 februari, 5-7 November 2010.
详细信息 February 19 - 21, 2010
斯德哥尔摩, 瑞典
Main-Quiltfestival - Patchwork and Quilt Exhibition
The main Quilt Festival, 19 - 21 February 2010 in Aschaffenburg - with a central location in Germany - results for the fourth time and, together..
详细信息 February 19 - 21, 2010
Aschaffenburg, 德国
IHGF - Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair 2010
IHGF Spring 2010 is professionally organised and efficiently run show located at India Expo Centre & Mart - one of the latest & new ..
详细信息 February 20 - 23, 2010
新德里, 印度
Apparel Sourcing Association Pavilion - ASAP Global Sourcing Show -2011
The ASAP Global Sourcing Show, the authority in global sourcing, features the top 5% full-package, overseas apparel manufacturers showcasing their..
详细信息 February 15 - 17, 2010
Macau, 中国
Gym, Pools & Spa
The exhibition for Gym, Pools & Spa Equipment and Services
详细信息 February 16 - 17, 2010
特拉维夫, 以色列
Trade Fair for Machinery, Equipment and Supplies for the Wood Crafts
详细信息 March 24 - 27, 2010
纽伦堡, 德国
Trade specialists were once again highly pleased with the outcome of Handarbeit & Hobby 2009 confirming that Handarbeit & Hobby remains the..
详细信息 March 26 - 28, 2010
Cologne, 德国
IFH/Intherm - Trade Fair for Sanitary, Heating, Air-conditioning, Renewable Energies
Always one step ahead - in 2010 the IFH/Intherm in Nuremberg will be focusing on energy efficiency. In addition to the classic areas of sanitation,..
详细信息 April 14 - 17, 2010
纽伦堡, 德国
Hobby-X - Exhibition of Materials, Equipment and Supplies for the Hobby and Craft Industries
Hobby-X is Southern Africa’s undisputed leading exhibition of materials, equipment and supplies used for a wide variety of hobbies and crafts...
详细信息 March 4 - 7, 2010
约翰内斯堡, 南非
ANTIKES - Exhibition for Antiques and Arts
Antiques, history of art, furniture, paintings, etching, pictures, second-hand books, porcelain, glass, silverware, gold, silver, jewellery, finery,..
详细信息 February 27 - 28, 2010
Oldenburg, 德国
详细信息 February 26 - 28, 2010
Modena, 意大利
详细信息 March 11 - 14, 2010
Braga, 葡萄牙
Handicrafts Exhibition
详细信息 March 4 - 7, 2010
马赛, 法国
DO YOUR Exposition, Arts, Crafts and Crafts Spring Edition will take place on 16, 17 and April 18 2010,, in Sala "B"the CintermexMonterrey, NLWe look..
详细信息 April 16 - 18, 2010
Monterrey, 墨西哥
Palm Beach Fine Craft Show
The 7th annual Palm Beach Fine Craft Show brings more than 100 of the nation's most distinguished craft artists to the heart of West Palm Beach at the..
详细信息 March 5 - 7, 2010
Palm Beach FL, 美国
详细信息 March 3 - 9, 2010
慕尼黑, 德国
Expolevante 2010
详细信息 April 8 - 11, 2010
Bari, 意大利
详细信息 April 10 - 18, 2010
马德里, 西班牙
Eitorfer Frühling - Regional Consumer Goods Exhibition
Handicrafts, Regional Trade and Industry
详细信息 April 24 - 25, 2010
Borken, 德国
The Las Vegas Halloween Show
THE HCPSHOW IS THE LARGEST HALLOWEEN TRADE SHOW which also featured every holiday, party and celebration…HALLOWEENSee the biggest selection of..
详细信息 February 26 - March 1, 2010
罗斯芒特 IL, 美国
Stitch & Craft - Exhibition
The Stitch & Craft Show at Olympia London is the perfect event for all crafters and presents a stitching show. The four day exhibition with..
详细信息 March 18 - 21, 2010
伦敦, 英国
Sewing, Stitching and Handcraft Show (Christchurch)
If you visited the last Autumn Gift Fair, you will receive a complimentary copy of the Autumn Gift Buyer’s Guide two weeks before the fair. You can..
详细信息 March 7 - 9, 2010
Auckland, 新西兰
The METALfab 2010 keynote talk will take a look at the challenges that many businesses are facing today. The current economy has caused businesses to..
详细信息 March 3 - 6, 2010
华盛顿, 美国
BKD Bedrijven Kontakt Dagen Limburg - Business to Business Fair
Northern Ontario has a reputation almost as agricultural genetic knowledge to keep up. Deep burrowing in history we are also farmers and grower only..
详细信息 10 March, 2010
Maastricht, 荷兰
Home Improvement & Landscaping Show - Council Bluffs
详细信息 March 5 - 7, 2010
Mason City IA, 美国
Thailand International Furniture Fair (TIFF)
The TIFF 2010 event is anticipated to be the most comprehensive furniture exposition ever staged in Thailand. This expectation is to encompass the..
详细信息 March 9 - 13, 2010
Nonthaburi, 泰国
INACRAFT - Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair
The development of the Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair also known as INACRAFT, constitutes one of the supporting factors of the..
详细信息 April 21 - 25, 2010
雅加达, 印度尼西亚
China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market ( COTTM )
COTTM is entering its 6th year and has become a firm fixture in the industry calendar. Over 200 exhibitors from 50 countries attended to showcase..
详细信息 April 28 - 30, 2010
北京, 中国
One of a Kind Spring Show and Sale - Toronto
The One of a Kind Green Competition – presented by Lipton® Green Tea At the Spring 2010 Show, we have invited our exhibitors to interpret the..
详细信息 March 31 - April 4, 2010
多伦多, 加拿大
San Antonio Bead Market SUMMER
详细信息 February 27 - 28, 2010
Live Oak TX, 美国
Oklahoma Bead Market
详细信息 March 28 - 29, 2010
Oklahoma City OK, 美国
Chelsea Art Fair
Chelsea Antiques Fair offers a Boutique style, of intimate elegance in the fine Old Town Hall, built in 1906 in 17th Century style. Small and..
详细信息 March 17 - 21, 2010
伦敦, 英国
Hand - Werk und Design - Ideal Home and Lifestyle Exhibition
The idea is now well-established: to bring together outstanding work in the craft trades, fine arts and design under one roof and thus create an..
详细信息 March 3 - 9, 2010
慕尼黑, 德国
IFFINA 2010 includes wide selections of Furniture and Craft product, Household and Accessories, Materials of Furniture. All come with the best quality..
详细信息 March 11 - 14, 2010
雅加达, 印度尼西亚
China Cycle Show
详细信息 April 27 - 30, 2010
Shanghai, 中国