March 26 - 27, 2018
Biosimilars 2018 focuses on “Market Dynamics of Biosimilars: Perspectives of Payers and Prescribers”. This Biosimilars networking meeting focuses on the trends in the biosimilar markets from its launch to the present from the perspectives of the payers and the prescribers. The conference will discuss product development, analytical requirements, and regulatory standards. The conference will also discuss pharmacovigilance, post marketing surveillance, and post-approval clinical studies. Compliance with regulatory guidelines is critical to the successful development and commercial launch for biologics and biosimilars. Moreover, the fast-changing global regulatory environment, including the complexities of Brexit, along with emerging price competition will likely have a substantial impact on the market for biologics and biosimilars. Therefore, it is important to understand the current market and the legal and regulatory complexities through quality information exchange and networking between Key Opinion Leaders from around the globe.


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