8 February, 2018
The workshop will pose 10 provocative thoughts: - Digital media are not revolutionary - Digital marketing is not marketing - Consumer need for engagement is a myth - Digital communications lead to unattractive brand behavior - Digital marketing is obsessed with numbers at the expense of human understanding - Algorithms make erroneous assumptions and limit choice - The internet is facilitating the creation of media monopolies - Social Media works for people not brands - 'Content' is predominantly digital landfill at the expense of big brand ideas - The language of digital marketing is inflated, specious and vague You will leave this workshop with: - A clearer view on the landscape of digital marketing; where to focus, and what to avoid - Foresight as to what bad brand behaviour looks like in a digital marketing context - Insight as to how to get more out of your relationships with your agency - Created the time and space to step back and think about your marketing plans


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