October 27 - 28, 2017    Jacksonville FL , USA
This course will focus primarily on the three autonomic function tests that have CPT codes. The program will begin with lectures on the underlying physiology, patient preparation, indications for autonomic testing and then address factors that affect the results of these autonomic tests. The heart of the workshop will be hands-on demonstrations of specific autonomic function tests, including quantitative sudomotor axon reflect test (QSART), tests of cardiovagal function (heart rate response to deep breathing and to the Valsalva maneuver), and tests of adrenergic function. There is also content on the interpretation of common and uncommon autonomic tests and lectures on a number of dysautonomias (POTS, syncope, and autoimmune neuropathy) for which new information is available or disorders where the autonomic laboratory is central to the evaluation.


Location: Mayo Clinic
Contact Kinne Auditorium, Cannaday Building Mayo Clinic, , Fla. Jacksonville , USA

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