September 28 - 29, 2017    Zurich , Switzerland
In September, Zurich is presenting itself very nicely with warm temperatures of the lake and still summerlike days. The focus of that meeting will be "Osteoarthritis in the Athlete". A topic that everybody is and will be confronted with more and more in the future. As our population is being increasingly demanding and involved in more sporting activity than ever the rate of trauma and therefore degeneration is logically increasing as well. "I have mild pain. You have mild arthritis. I want to do sports like ever before." That would be a typical "communication" between physician and surgeon. The treating doctor as to be optimally equipped with knowledge and instruments to treat this collective of patients. During the meeting, we will look at all major joints that are typically affected: hip, knee and ankle. Mostly clinical topics (conservative and operative) will be added by some basic scientists that will give insight what is coming from the bench such as MSC application, biomarkers, distraction, novel MR imaging methods and intra-articular medication… For sponsorship/exhibition inquiries please get in touch with Ms. Valentina Zigrino at


Location: Schulthess Clinic
Contact Lengghalde 2, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland Zurich , Switzerland


International Cartilage Repair Society
Spitalstrasse 190, 8623 Wetzikon, Switzerland

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