April 22 - 24, 2018    Honolulu HI , USA
The 2018 International Conference and Annual Meeting (ICAM 2018) will bring together the collective strength of the world's top business academics and collaborators to champion the future of business education and the schools that provide it. Join us in Hawaii and come inspired to: - Connect to a culture that successfully embodies tradition while embracing progress. Unite with longtime acquaintances and make new ones whose diverse perspectives contribute to a shared mission to redefine business education. -Discover how to shape graduates who will be adaptable enough to address the global business environment they will be charged with shepherding to success—in a world where the only constant is change. -Lead with innovative thinking, purposeful connections, collaborative initiatives, and the synergy of great minds to craft resolutions to the mountainous challenges yet to be conquered. Our conference agenda is deliberately crafted to allow the right balance of time to listen, absorb, contribute, and connect, discover, and lead. So take your time…see why there's more to Hawaii than just sun, sand, and surf. For sponsorship and/or exhibition opportunities, please get in touch.


Location: Hawaii Convention Center
The Hawai`i Convention Center combines the modern requirements of a state-of-the-art meeting facility with the beauty, comfort and culture that are uniquely Hawai`i. Soaring forms and breathtaking..
Contact 1801 Kalakaua Avenue , Hawai`i 96815 Honolulu , USA
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