July 24 - 25, 2017    Shanghai , China
The Digital Pharma China conference returns to Shanghai this July 24-25 at the Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre. Over the past 5 years, ExL Events and our strategic conference partners, DXY and BizPro International, have built a stellar reputation for providing life science marketers with the information they need to drive their businesses and brands to success. As an industry, life science organizations are navigating the challenges involved with modernizing their business models in order to better engage with their rapidly evolving customer base. Led by an expert speaker faculty of senior-level international and Chinese leaders, this year’s agenda will focus on how to enable end-to-end digitization of your enterprise through commercial transformation and innovation. This conference will provide attendees with a 360-degree view of digital acceleration and transformation to better serve the needs of their customers. To learn more about this event, and to register online, visit digitalpharmaseries.com/china.


Location: Shanghai Marriott Hotel
Contact 2270 Hong Qiao Road,Changning District Shanghai , China
86 21 62376000


ExL Events, Inc.
494 8th Ave, 4th Floor New York, NY 10001

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