15 December, 2017    london , United Kingdom
The financial services sector is undergoing one of the most exciting industry developments in a generation. Disruptive technology is creating new and exciting opportunities for startups to compete with established companies - and investors are taking note. But how do you ensure your FinTech startup attracts investor attention and secures their investment? IP strategy is fundamental. No IP strategy means a big hole in your business plan. No IP strategy is an indicator of increased investment risk. The IP needs of your startup vary greatly from those of your established competitors. Your IP strategy is pivotal when seeking investment, valuation and growth, and plays a key role when exploring acquisition opportunities. GJE’s IP strategy experts, using suitable case studies, will guide you through developing and implementing an IP strategy, including conducting an IP audit and capturing innovation within your business, which will serve to future-proof your growth aspirations. The focus will be on key issues faced by startups operating in the FinTech sector.


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