June 17 - 18, 2017    Nagoya , Japan
Welcome to the 3rd International Conference on Advancing the Life Sciences and Public Health Awareness. All sessions will be held at the Nagoya Sakae Tokyu REI Hotel on the weekend of Saturday, June 17 and Sunday June 18, 2017. The hotel can be easily accessed by public transportation and it is located in the heart of the shopping and entertainment district of downtown Nagoya. As the fourth largest city in Japan, Nagoya is a center for industry and manufacturing as well as scientific and medical research, with several national universities in the region and its booming economy, it is an ideal location for an event focusing on the life sciences and public health. With the theme of Making a Difference, ALPHA 2017 aims to raise awareness of the correlation between the life sciences and public health issues.


Location: Nagoya Sakae Tokyu REI Hotel
Nagoya Tokyu REI is located in the city center’s Sakae district, east of Nagoya station, a bustling area with many offices, hot shopping spots, and dining opportunities. At just a seven-minute walk..
Contact Sakae 3-1-8, Naka-ku, -shi, Aichi-ken 460-0008 Nagoya , Japan