June 14 - 16, 2018    Thessalonika , Greece
It is a great pleasure to announce the 5th World Congress of Dermoscopy, which will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece from 14 to 16 June 2018. In close collaboration with the International Dermoscopy Society, the 5th World Congress of Dermoscopy will be a global scientific celebration, bringing together all passionate dermoscopists around the globe, from inspiring teachers and experienced clinicians to young researchers and residents. The on-line registration is already open and you can take advantage of the very reduced fee, which will be valid until the 31st of December 2016. The official website, as well as the facebook and twitter pages, will be fully active during all the time period until June 2018, so you can keep yourself updated on latest news about the Congress.


Location: Thessaloniki Concert Hall
Contact 25 Martiou Street and Paralia, Thessaloniki, 54646, Greece Thessalonika , Greece
+30 231 089 5800



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World Congress of Dermoscopy June 14 - 16, 2018