April 17 - 20, 2015    Barcelona , Spain
ICDD 2015 is your opportunity to:

ADVANCE the understanding of current and future challenges in the study of dual disorders.

MEET Dual Disorder’s world-renowned speakers and researchers and LEARN from their latest research and findings.

ENHANCE your knowledge by taking part in our numerous symposia and workshops discussing new findings in dual disorders and dual psycho-pathology.

PARTAKE in interesting forums for interdisciplinary dialogue between various mental health specialties as well as discussions on key disciplines.

EXPERIENCE Barcelona, a cosmopolitan city where ancient Architecture blends seamlessly with modern icons to create a truly diverse and vibrant Mediterranean metropolis.

Psychosis and Addictive Disorders.
Depression and Addictive Disorders.
Bipolar Disorders and Addictive Disorders.
Anxiety and Addictive Disorders
Personality Disorders and Addictive Disorders.
ADHD and Addictive Disorders.
Impulsivity and Addictive Disorders.
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Addictive Disorders.
Eating Disorders and Addictive Disorders.
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Addictive Disorders.
Dual Disorders in Immigration and Transcultural Psychiatry.
Gender and Dual Diagnosis.
Evaluation processes in Dual Disorders
Opioid System and Dual Disorders
Alcohol and Dual Disorders
Psychoestimulants and Dual Disorders
Cannabis and Dual Disorders
Tobacco and Dual Disorders
and many more...

Dr. Nora Volkow,Prof. Margarita Alegría,Prof. Marc Auriacombe,Prof. Amine Benyamina,Prof. Dinesh Bhugra,Prof. Rodrigo Córdoba and many more...


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