February 18 - 19, 2015    Rome , Italy
The conference will particularly focus on European Border Security and current operations in the region. Modern and innovative solutions, such as the use of satellites and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles will be presented on, giving you current methods to boost your border security. Emphasis will too be placed on the issue data privacy and protection and how to overcome this when implementing ABC and EES systems.

As well as this, there will be case studies addressing recurrent problems, such as human trafficking and the smuggling of goods. Therefore allowing you to analyse and consequently adapt your security measures accordingly.

The key areas of discussion will be:
- Presentation concerning UAVs used on the US-Mexico border and the potential for space assets being a part of your border security.
- Case studies on successful system implementations from both Europe and America.
- A wide range of highly respected speakers talking about diverse and relevant issues.
- Hear relevant information from reputable organisations combatting national and international security issues at borders
- Discover solutions to critical border security issues, such as trafficking and irregular migration
- Network and learn from key opinion leaders from the Border Security industry
- Evaluate the developments of modern technology designed to improve border efficiency and security

Speakers will include:
- Adriano Baptista, Head of Operations Division, EU Satellite Centre
- Bernhard Strobl, Project Coordinator MobilePass, European Union
- Chris Woodroofe, Head of Security and Business Continuity, Gatwick Airport (L G W)
- Daniel Cuesta Canterero, Project Coordinator ABC4EU, European Union
- Danielle Sharp, Border Force Lead, Gatwick Airport (L G W)
- Javier Quesada, Head of Risk Analysis Unit, Frontex


Location: Crowne Plaza Rome
Contact Via Aurelia Antica 415 Rome , Italy


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