September 10 - 14, 2014    Madrid , Spain

Visitors: 42896
Why visit the fair
Reasons to visit INTERGIFT
Get all the information of the existing specialized commercial offering in the market, at a time and located in the same place.

Get an overview of all existing specialized commercial offering in the market. The national and international trends and developments in 5 days and in one place.
Start, continue or close processes purchase orders and or distribution channel in this fair.
Build a network of work.
Scheduling meetings with current and potential suppliers.
Strengthen relationships with current suppliers.
Analyze and directly check the performance of the product / services of potential new suppliers.
Expand knowledge and application of technologies and services.
Directly compare the features of all the specialized offer.
INTERGIFT is a key distribution defining image and content aimed at the end consumer instrument.
Get distribution agreements of products / services.
Get the information needed to assess the potential for future participation as an exhibitor.


Location: IFEMA - Feria de Madrid
IFEMA Convention and Congress Centres, a division specialised in managing space for trade fairs, events and congresses. If you wish to hire a space and guarantee the success of your event, we suggest..
Contact Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I Madrid , Spain
902 22 15 15


Feria de Madrid Avda. del Partenón, 5 28042 Madrid España
902 22 15 15, (34) 91 722 30 00

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