12 June, 2012    Manchester , United Kingdom


Management in Practice is a free event for practice managers, GPs and commissioners to further knowledge and share experiences from healthcare management.

Recent upheaval to the healthcare system means much change ahead for everyone. Transferring skills and knowledge from PCTs to CCGs is a task facing many, and Management in Practice Manchester will bring together leading examples with expert knowledge to help equip you with the tools you need to move your practice forward.

Commissioning pioneer Dame Barbara Hakin will present the opening keynote to kickstart the day and will be followed up by a host of high profile expert speakers. Dr Michael Dixon, Chair, NHS Alliance will present a question time panel including Dr Martin Whiting, Chair, North Manchester CCG, focussing on the key issues facing CCGs in this period of much change.

David Bennett, Chair of Monitor, will present a key session on regulation including the latest updates, and how to work with regulatory bodies within your CCG and practice.

Celebrity comedian Dr Phil Hammond closes the afternoon with a light-hearted yet in-depth round-up of the latest healthcare news in a quiz panel, joined by former Lib Dem MP Dr Evan Harris, Rick Stern, Director, Primary Care Foundation and Michael Sobanja, Chief Officer, NHS Alliance.


Location: Bridgewater Hall
Contact Buckinghamshire , United Kingdom

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