27 October, 2011    Palm Beach FL , USA
The CIA is put into place when intentional actions of fraud are committed and detected. The OIG is overseeing many CIA's and there will be more as they strengthen their compliance initiatives per the new health care law. Past OIG Work Plans specifically address CIA's, "We will increase the number of site visits to entities that are subject to the integrity agreements to verify compliance efforts and confirm information submitted".

Why you should attend: Should a provider be subject to a Corporate Integrity Agreement w/OIG, it is helpful to know that pro active action on the part of the provider could result in a plan that can be easily adhered to by the provider, at minimal cost to the provider.

Areas Covered in the Session:
Tips for negotiating CIA's with OIG
Steps to follow when developing a CIA with OIG
Developing an understanding that the CIA is a relationship between the provider and OIG
Walk through of a real CIA


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