February 14 - 15, 2012    london , United Kingdom
Expert speakers will ensure you gain the best knowledge to take back to improve your professional practice and most importantly, your patient care. There will be interactive workshops and keynote sessions which will prove essential in the development of your career.

Make you sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate in our exciting clinical workshops. You can choose from two of the following:

• ‘Take a deep breath’: understanding the respiratory system and respiratory disease
• ‘Skin deep’: common skin conditions
• ‘Keeping the pressure off’: hypertension and managing blood pressure
• ‘The big picture’: the impact of obesity on health
• ‘Remember me’: dementia care in all settings


Location: Hallam Conference Centre
The Hallam is one of London's newest and finest conference venues. There are an abundance of rooms available for small 1 to 1 meetings or for larger events up to 250 people, these can be accommodated..
Contact 44 Hallam Street London, United Kingdon W1W 6JJ, United Kingdom london , United Kingdom
020 7706 7700

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