12 December, 2011    Miri , Malaysia
With more than 21 years of experience in organizing exhibitions in the region and after 30 highly successful education shows since 1990, we are now once again inviting renowned institution of higher learning to join our 31th Facon Education Fair in December 2011!
As one of the largest education fairs in this region, Facon Education Fair 2011 (December), is superbly timed, when than 500,000 students are expected to finish their SPM, STPM, O & A levels examinations. While the Independent Chinese Schools' examination results, Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) are expect to be released during this period. During this period, students and parents will be eagerly collecting vital information on programs and institutions of higher learning to pursue their further education.


Location: Grand Palace Hotel
Contact 2KM, Jalan -Pujut, Pelita Commercial Centre, 98008 , Sarawak, Malaysia Miri , Malaysia

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