October 12 - 15, 2011    Algiers , Algeria
The International Trade Exhibition Best 5 Algeria 2011 will be organised under five different product groups, which are Stone&Flooring Expo, Climate Expo, Decor Expo, Build Expo, Windoor Expo. Currently, in its foreign economic relations, Algeria is seeking more trade and foreign investment. As part of its modernizing strategy, Algeria is restoring and developing its existing infrastructure (roads, highways, airports, buildings etc) and improving its transportation facilities. The INTERNATIONAL BEST 5 ALGERIA 2011 Exhibition will offer exhibitors and visitors an exceptional opportunity to meet buyers, contractors, decision makers and investors from Algeria, North Africa, Europe and Middle East. Contracts worth millions of dollars will be signed during the show.


Location: Safex Exhibition Park
La Société Algérienne des Foires et Exportations (Safex - SPA) est une entreprise publique issue de la transformation de l’objet social et de la dénomination de l'Office National des Foires et..
Contact Exhibition Center Pins Maritimes 16000 ,Algeria Algiers , Algeria

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