February 6 - 7, 2013    Paris , France
The 6th edition of Aerosol & Dispensing Forum was held for the first time at the espace Champerret, in Paris. Some fifty suppliers of aerosol packaging, dispensing systems and technologies, together with service providers, presented their innovations to brand representatives meeting together in a relaxed, user-friendly setting.

Exchanges during the Innovation Workshop on electronic spray formation, AIRLESS and TRIGGER systems, were dynamic and packed with information. It was an excellent accompaniment to the conference programme, which brought together an outstanding panel of experts on the themes of aerosols and dispensing systems for health, cosmetics, technical and niche products and new markets.

The Paris Aerosol & Dispensing Awards ceremony highlighted the key role of dispensing technologies in the success of new products. Presentations on spray and foam technologies, powder, liquid and viscous product dispensation and ergonomics illustrated recent avances.

List of exhibitors:
Aerosol Europe,Alucan Entec,Amcor Flexibles,Aptar Beauty + Home,Ardagh Group,Ball Aerocan
Cascade Technologies,CFA,Clayton Corporation,Colep,Cosmed GmbH and many more.

2432 attendees from 43 countries for both exhibitions underscored how simultaneous organization with PCD (Perfumes, Cosmetics & Design, some one hundred exhibitors) made it possible to optimize contacts and meet the key players.

ADF 2013 will feature Innovation Workshops addressing "Dispensing systems: prospects". The goal will be to take stock of innovations and prospects for the development of sprays (liquids and powders), foams and viscous products.

The conference programme will focus on recent advances in dispensing technologies for new markets, technical and niche products, cosmetics and health.


Location: Espace Champerret
Espace Champerret is renowned for its shows organised on a human scale. Located at the heart of West Paris, this Zen space is a haven of peace and a leading venue for recently-created shows and..
Contact 6 rue Jean Oestreicher - 75017 Paris , France

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