November 29 - December 1, 2010    Suntec City , Singapore
Delegates will be introduced to the principle reasons why disputes and differences are resolved without recourse to litigation and the alternative ways in which such disputes and differences are resolved.

The workshop will consider the role of trust and contractual relationships in the oil and gas industry, why disputes and differences arise despite trust and contract, techniques for managing disputes and differences and methods for resolving such disputes and differences without resorting to litigation.

Whilst the workshop will look at these matters in the context of the law, the focus will not be so much legal as practical.

A number of the issues will be introduced through role simulation exercises and the debriefing of the exercises. This will involve delegates in role-play and group discussion. Throughout the workshop the workshop leader will draw on examples from the oil and gas industry and, where possible, those examples will come from the Asia-Pacific region.

The workshop will enable participants to benefit from Dr Kenneth Mildwaters’ extensive global experience, and also from the considerable professional research behind the course.

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Location: Traders Hotel Singapore
Contact 1A Cuscaden Road Suntec City , Singapore

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