September 1 - 2, 2010
Clinical Trial is always regarded as the most time consuming phase in new drug’s R&D. In order to shorten the R&D cycle and accelerate the launch of new products, more and more pharmaceutical companies choose to outsource their clinical trials to more professional clinical research organizations.

Drug development outsourcing encouraged the booming of a huge new market. Clinical trial outsourcing must have a high rate growth in the near future.Statistic showed that pharmaceutical companies’ R&D investment had exceeded 68 billion USD in 2006, 19 billion USD contracts, 27.9% from which, are outsourced to independent third-party organizations. Those two figures will expectedly grow up into 91 billion USD and 36 billion USD in 2010. With global pharmaceutical R&D moving forward to Eastern countries, China’s CRO industry is expected to win 5% market share in this 36 billion USD market.


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