March 30 - April 1, 2010    Guangzhou , China
Organizer: Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Exhibition Scope
Ø Club Brand Zone: Fitness Club, Yoga Club, Sauna fitness center, leisure and bodybuilding center, health physical relax club, sports health club, fitness club and management system, community fitness club and management systems etc.
Ø Gym equipment and facilities: health club / clubs dedicated decoration materials and equipment supplies.
Ø Business and home fitness equipments&supplies and accessories: treadmills, stepping machines, Rider, fitness chair, exercise bike, fitness ball, jump bed, barbells, dumbbells, dancing blanket, bounce shoes, fitness massager, massage devices, combined fitness equipment; rubber belt, treadmill with a computer, motors, controllers and other accessories.
Ø Physical testing instruments: a stopwatch, sports leisure watches, heart rate testing watch, step counter, electronic watches act.
Ø Yoga Supplies: Yoga clothing, yoga mats, yoga bricks, stretch belt, Yoga rope, lose weight machine.
Sports nutrition, health care, slimming products, fitness books, magazines and video products.
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