April 27 - 29, 2010    Utrecht , Netherlands
Consumers are finally in the driving seat. Internet has made transparent markets and the expectations of consumers to the largest extent driven. Product and price information, customer experience, service and your service, almost everything about your business is available and consumers who share information with each other. That changes the way your customer wants you to contact the concerned open.

Open to the customer
Op request, the client determines when and how you want to enter into dialogue
PPERSONAL: the customer will be treated as individuals and not part of the mass
ErvĂr, customers will be solicited and unsolicited opinion about your products and services, he wants to see you open to his ideas, and indeed, it actually has influence and is involved in developing your products and services.
Network, to be successful you must be part of the world where your customer moves

Are you open to the customer? Start at TCD in 2010! You offer solutions for contact centers, direct marketing and / or Irish shop. Provides personal solutions for your customers, you are open to the customer. Therefore, TCD is the ideal event for you.

TCD is home to three trade shows: the home shopping fair, the fair contact and dialogue marketing trade show. Joint TCD is the largest B2B event in which the consumer-centric. Over 200 exhibitors, more than 9000 visitors each year and growing.

Opening Hours:
27, 28, April 29, 2010


Location: Jaarbeurs Utrecht
Jaarbeurs Utrecht wants to become the ultimate village square in the Netherlands in 2015, facilitating millions of unique meetings every year. So a great deal of work is being devoted to new building..
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