November 9 - 10, 2010    Berlin , Germany
The 25th European Autumn Gas Conference, the leadership summit for the European Gas Community, heads to Berlin, Germany to celebrate its 25th Anniversary, hosted by RWE Supply & Trading.

This year, the European Autumn Gas Conference travels to Berlin to celebrate its 25th Anniversary. To mark this special occasion our hosts, RWE Supply & Trading, will ensure we celebrate in style. Germany is the second largest gas market in Europe and just as this market is deeply affected by European and global energy developments, what concerns its marketers, customers and suppliers is also of key importance to senior industry executives from all over the EU and beyond.

The programme committee (chaired by James Ball, President of Gas Strategies), includes some of Europe’s most influential gas executives, tasked with ensuring the EAGC in Berlin will thoroughly explore the most relevant and topical issues driving the European gas industry today. The emerging themes and questions to be debated in this year’s landmark event will include:

    * Markets Work! (Or do they really?)
    * What is the future for gas in a low-carbon, alternative energy economy?
    * Have we now entered a world supply & demand dynamic?
    * What impact will developments in unconventional gas play in future supply?
    * Will LNG’s love affair with Europe continue?
    * How will Germany’s hubs evolve?
    * Is there a future for the liberalised European gas market or are we heading back to central planning?
    * Does Europe really need all the major new gas pipelines and expansions?


Location: andel’s Hotel Berlin
Contact Berlin , Germany

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