September 13 - 16, 2011    Chisinau , Moldova
Exhibition PROFILE:


    Pharmaceutical preparations and medicines
    Homeopathic and mineral products, vitamins
    Raw materials and ingredients for pharmaceutical production
    Phytotherapy. Medicinal herbs
    Dietetic and children nutrition
    Curative cosmetics

Medical equipment

    Medical equipment, devices and instrumentation
    Diagnostic and therapeutic equipment
    Anesthesiology, critical care medicine, intensive care
    Laboratory equipment, test-systems and chemical reagents
    Diagnostic equipment for ophthalmology. Glasses, lenses, frames
    Equipment for doctors’ consulting rooms, curative establishments and hospitals
    Orthopaedics. Rehabilitation equipment. Equipment for curative gymnastics.
    Emergency medicine. Special transportation means
    Disinfection and sterilization equipment. Hygiene products
    Clothing for medical personnel


    Stomatological equipment
    Dental medications, materials and instruments
    Equipment and materials for implantology
    Modern materials for tooth restoration
    Oral hygiene preparations

Information technologies in medicine

    Computer systems for data processing and monitoring
    Specialized literature


R egistration tax 120 EUR

Includes catalogue entry (up to 150 signs), as well as a black-and-white logo of the company.


Location: International Exhibition Centre Moldexpo
International Exhibition Center “Moldexpo” – is the leading company of the exhibition-fair industry in the Republic of Moldova. The history of “Moldexpo’s” existence is the evidence of its activity..
Contact 1, Ghioceilor Str. 2008 Chisinau , Moldova
(+373 22) 810-462, 810-416, 810-419

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