November 3 - 6, 2009    Beijing , China
The show area of BICES will exceed 150,000 square meters. Many domestic and international famous brands from different countries and regions will assemble in BICES.

BICES has a strong international covering team consisting of more than 80 domestic and foreign professional magazines, newspapers, websites, TVs and radios working before, during and after the exhibition.

BICES 2009 had received extensive support from more than 40 domestic and foreign users associations covering project contracting, construction, transport, water conservancy, energy and other fields. All those will bring you more direct end users.

BICES will create much more values for your products through its diversified promotion package, including the free on-line exhibition hall which will display your products, technologies and services over the next two years to help you create outstanding brand.


Location: Jiuhua Grand Convention and Exhibition Center
Contact Xiaotangshan, Changping District 102211, PR Beijing , China