November 10 - 12, 2009    Beijing , China
Regardless of which industry you work in – entertainment, hospitality, education, healthcare, transportation, government, corporate IT or systems integration – you'll be able to find innovative solutions to boost productivity and asset value.

The use of audio-visual technologies has expanded tremendously in recent years, especially with AV/IT convergence. Information communication has taken on added dimensions, involving not just computer networking but also audio-visual systems to create more interactive and engaging experiences.

Here are some examples of how AV technology is used in various industries:

•  Transportation, Military, Energy, Security, Broadcast
    Command and control systems for 24/7, time-critical missions

•  Education & Training
    e-Classrooms, multimedia communication for dynamic learning

•  Corporate/IT
    AV/IT integrated systems for cost-effective presentation and timely

•  Entertainment & Leisure, Retail & Hospitality
    High impact displays for creative and engaging customer experience

•  Building Design & Facility Management
    Digital signage and control systems for enhanced asset value

•  Convention & Meeting
    Innovative conference equipment for efficient and secure conventions

•  Government, Healthcare, Banking & Legal
    Information communication and connectivity solutions for seamless
    service delivery


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